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Unfelt feelings are the cause of virtually all negative life patterns. Including patterns in relationships, career, and health. Learning precisely how to feel unfelt emotions whether new or long-buried, is the key to finally breaking through.

This simple truth eludes most people – even those dedicated to personal and spiritual growth. That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to join me on a six-week journey: The Hidden Power of Emotions.

In this groundbreaking program I’ll reveal a method of emotional connection that is fast, simple, and can be used in any situation, especially when you’re the most “triggered.” Better yet:

It’s online,
so you don’t have to travel;

It’s only four hours per week, so you don’t have to disrupt your schedule;

Best of all, it will change the relationship you have with yourself, and your life, providing lasting freedom and fulfillment from the inside out.

Hidden Power of Emotions

This program is right for you if you’re ready to…

Admit that will power doesn’t work

Learn how self-acceptance truly does

Finally overcome your addictions and compulsions

Stop struggling, start relaxing, and get way more done

Become a magnet for those who support your success

Emerge from your shell and shine

If these statements resonate with you, but also scare the pants off you – you’re in the right place.


“Our vulnerability, in a sublime paradox, is what renders us truly invincible.”

Raphael Cushnir, from

“Unconditional Bliss”

Over my twelve years of teaching this process I’ve learned that safety is paramount. In fact, a profound sense of safety is exactly what makes it work. At no time during this program will you be confronted, or asked to stretch beyond the “edge” that’s just right for you.

Even when you’re ready to find that edge, it’s easy to become discouraged. You’ve likely found yourself challenged by isolation, financial strain, and a hectic, overwhelming schedule.

You’ve been ready to take the next step in healing and transformation – impatient, even – yet somehow it hasn’t quite happened. Instead, you’ve read more books, searched out more websites, and kept forgetting that “understanding is the booby prize.”

As a result, your wounds haven’t healed, your harmful patterns haven’t resolved, and healthy, loving relationships have eluded you.

What is “The Hidden Power of Emotions”?

Red Door

The Hidden Power of Emotions is a unique program designed to overcome those very obstacles, to meet you where you are, and to help you find freedom and fulfillment when you’re not even sure it’s possible.

All of this is possible when you learn how to access your difficult emotions directly, without reactivity. In the process your emotions are soon able to dissipate much more quickly, leaving you peaceful, energized, and at your best. Often this happens without any need to even express how you feel.

After presenting emotional connection workshops for almost fourteen years, I can say with confidence that you won’t find these specific principles and practices anywhere else. No other approach to releasing emotional resistance produces the same degree of change, or works nearly as fast. And now that we’ve put it all online, you can start reaping the benefits immediately without ever having to leave your home.

The program will last for six weeks, from (NEW DATES PENDING). It will take place within a private online group site, and on weekly interactive phone conferences. It will include video talks, vibrant Q/A and, most importantly, real-world experience enhanced by substantial community participation.

Before describing the project in more detail, it’s important to highlight the community participation component. Lots of you have joined one kind of online program or another in hopes of enjoying robust connection with other participants, only to find a few people are truly engaging while the rest hang back.

That won’t happen here, because anyone signing up will agree to participate in specific ways and amounts. Many of you have also found the quality of communication in online programs unsatisfying, in terms of the respect, curiosity and deep listening necessary for profound connection. That won’t happen here either, because we’ll be learning and practicing these skills from the outset of the project.

Stained Glass

“The emotion you thought was intolerable actually isn’t. You have the capacity to accept it and feel cleansed with its passing. And that means it can no longer deter your dream.”

Raphael Cushnir, from “O, The Oprah Magazine”

That shared commitment to “showing up,” with both quality and consistency, will be fundamental in creating the “field” of connection that true transformation requires.

Still, the project will not unhelpfully clutter your hectic life or make un-meetable demands. The sweet spot necessary for you to get the most out of the project – time wise – is about four hours per week. Plus, most of those hours can be spent at any point in your own schedule.

That’s right – because of the project’s design, a commitment of just four hours a week, for six weeks, will provide great gains in your personal and spiritual well-being. The changes that you make on the inside lead very quickly to changes on the outside. It’s not an exaggeration to say that, for many, pounds shed, health restores, income stabilizes, career satisfaction increases, and new, exciting relationships appear.

That’s what I mean by “freedom and fulfillment.” The program enables you to choose your own authentic life, and to embrace each and every moment of it.


What You’ll Experience:

The Hidden Power of Emotions: Six Weeks To Freedom and Fulfillment


Get Real ● Get Vulnerable ● Get Going!

Week 1

Week One…

Relearning the Language of Your Body

Expansion – Experience the state of optimal well-being and peak performance

Contraction – Learn how to notice and track what blocks expansion

Resistance – Discover the debilitating result of prolonged contraction

Acceptance – Cultivate a flowing “Yes” to all of life

Week 2

Week Two…

Retraining Your Evolutionary Brain

The Glitch – Recognize why vulnerability is so challenging for everyone

The Narcissism of the Neo Cortex – Use new awareness to humble your “thinker”

Surfing Your Emotions – Rewire your mind to promote vulnerability

Dis-believing – Detach from the internal “verdicts” that sabotage emotional surfing

Week 3

Week Three…

The Practice of a Lifetime

Practicing with Right Now – Tune deeply into your internal realm

Practicing with Core Emotions – Get to the source of lingering issues

Practicing with Core Habits – Disassemble negative patterns from the inside out

Practicing to Break Free – Bring new flow where you’re most “stuck”

Week 4

Week Four…

Vulnerability as the Source of True Power

What Gets in the Way – Remove obstacles to radical opening

What Tips the Scales – Unlock even the most stubborn resistance

The Anatomy of Reactivity – Defuse and then use your “triggers”

The Gift of Difficult People – Reveal yourself in the behavior of your nemesis

Week 5

Week Five…

Emotional Connection as the One True Healer

Addictions and Compulsions – Resolve them with self-acceptance

Depression and Anxiety – Give yourself what you’ve always needed

Shiva and Shakti – Understand the dance of awareness and experience

Judgments and Opinions – Sail through them to the field of “I am”

Week 6

Week Six…

Your Heart’s Desire – Listen to Your Own Essence

From Essence to Intention – Construct your life vision one moment at a time

Thy Will Not My Will – Surrender the timing and the outcome

The Peace That Surpasseth Understanding – experience vulnerability as love itself


An Extraordinary Opportunity

Raphael Cushnir Speaking

No matter where you are around the world, The Hidden Power of Emotions is available to you. It costs hundreds of dollars less than a workshop* with me, and is actually about the same amount as a single private session. There’s no travel involved, and no other additional expense.

For an incredibly affordable fee, you receive hours of direct connection, and the super-safe, transformative group facilitation for which Raphael is heralded.

The whole experience will feel nearly like being together in person.

*If you’ve attended a workshop with me, or have been a client, this experience would be a great way to reinvigorate your practice. Plus, it’s available to you at a remarkable discount – please email me for details.


The Hidden Power of Emotions: How It Works


Each Monday morning, I debut a teaching video to the group site. Along with the video, I ask three questions for you to ponder. You post your own answers, then read and comment on the answers of others.

Each Wednesday evening at 6:00pm PST, I host a 90 minute conference call. The session is half Q/A, and half interactive small group practices. The Q/A and exercises are interspersed for both maximum flow and also the opportunity to refine and deepen the practices.

For those who you unfamiliar with latest in conference call technology, we actually have the opportunity to break up into groups, and pairs, just like at an in-person workshop. When this happens, you are in a private “room” with your designated partners and can only hear one another. LighthouseAs the facilitator, I can “walk” through the rooms to assist you personally.

All of this helps make the content of the program truly come alive within you. And that’s what brings about the specific changes you’re longing for, whether in the realm of relationship, career, health, addiction and compulsion recovery, and the all-important relationship you have with yourself

At the end of each Wednesday session, I will guide you in the creation of a special, personal practice. This practice is meant to take the program into your daily life, where you’ll benefit most. When the practice is complete, you’ll write a brief post about it, then read and comment on the posts of others.

What Raphael’s Students Are Saying…

“I appreciate your sensitivity, presence, and ability to meet me where I am.”


“Your workshop was different than any I have encountered… refreshing and accessible. And what a fabulous group of people you brought together.”


“My mind is clear, my soul and spirit are free, and my health is improving. You are a true gift to this world! I am so blessed to have found you.”


“The thing I’m most excited about, Raphael, is that all the other techniques I’ve worked with over the years (and I’ve worked with many and worked them diligently) have never gotten me this kind of result this fast.”


“Taking your program was the final push I needed to make my dream a reality.”


“You are a masterful presenter and have actually, after my many failed attempts, shepherded me through real change.


“Your experience-based wisdom, gentle teaching, and fiery modeling have given me tools for living and working and sharing that have truly changed my approach to life.”


What Spiritual Teachers and

Personal Growth Experts Say About Raphael’s Work…

“I love Raphael Cushnir!”

Byron Katie


teacher and author of

Loving What Is


“…A powerful invitation to live with love

as our guiding force.”

Sharon Salzberg

Mindfulness expert and

author of Lovingkindness


“Raphael can help us plumb

life’s mystery and joy.”

Lama Surya Das

Meditation guide and

author of Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be


Raphael Cushnir has shared his unique approach to personal and professional development with millions of readers in O, The Oprah Magazine, Beliefnet, Spirituality and Health, Psychology Today, and The Huffington Post. He is the author of six books, lectures worldwide, and is a faculty member of the Esalen Institute, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. In addition, he coaches individuals and teams at Fortune 100 companies, governments, religious organizations, and leading non-profits.

For more about Raphael Cushnir and his work: CUSHNIR.COM


This sounds a little complicated. Will it really take only 4 hours per week?

Yes, In many cases only 2 or 3 hours. Plus, once you get the hang of things, it will all flow together with ease. Remember, in true presence there is no trying.

Do I need special equipment to participate?

No, just a computer, reliable Internet connection, and a phone.
For the call-ins you may use a landline, cell phone, or Skype.

What if I can’t attend the weekly call when it takes place?

The weekly calls will be recorded and available to review at your convenience. You won’t miss anything critical to your success with the program if you don’t join in live.

Will the program force me to make changes in my life I might not be ready for?

No. Instead, it will free you up to make those changes if and when they’re exactly right for you.

I have PTSD or significant trauma in my life—should I participate?

Yes. The program is gentle, and won’t stir things up in an unhelpful way. I have a lot of experience working with trauma and honor its unique challenges.

Plus, I will be availabe to you personally if any unexpected challenges arise.

I’m interested, but I’m also anxious about it. Will that get in my way?

No. This approach is specifically designed to reduce anxiety and free you from its grip. If you are anxious about opening fully and directly to your emotions, you’ll get more, rather than less from it.

Will I cry?

For some of you this question might seem strange. But for others, who are just getting used to the sometimes threatening flow of emotions, it’s extremely important. The answer is, you might. But you’ll also be in private, deciding for yourself if, when and how much. Plus, you’ll come to see the natural experience of emotions as a life-enriching and liberating rather than something to avoid.

Join Us Today!

Jumping Woman

Envision it: By the beginning of summer you could be living your full Yes! By learning to engage each moment and experience with expanded awareness, you’ll feel better and accomplish more than ever before.

You’ll learn to rewire your brain to allow for maximum self-vulnerability — when and how much you choose — and you’ll find yourself regularly in flow with emotions that have been previously unreachable. As a result you’ll experience a profound new internal harmony, with all aspects of your mind working both individually, and synergistically at their best.

These changes create consistent healings and heart openings that make life an inspiring journey rather than a stressful grind. There are no longer any “problems,” just exciting opportunities.

Patterns and habits that have plagued you for decades begin to soften, creating the chance for new, healthier choices.

No matter what happens, within or without, you remain at peace. This peace depends on no particular conditions.

It’s not a static, flat place, but instead an ever-renewing flow.

All this because you chose to be open, to connect with yourself and those around you in a way that honors this amazing gift of life we all share.

All this in exchange for about four hours a week, for six weeks. Twenty four hours total. Just one day, really. Leading to a thrilling future — your new Now — filled with breathtaking freedom.

Let’s break free – together!

Sign Up Now!

The Hidden Power of Emotions

Six Weeks To Freedom and Fulfillment


Get Real ● Get Vulnerable ● Get Going!


Here’s What You’ll Get:


Six sequential lessons to help you penetrate even the most stubborn resistance and finally feel what will truly set you free


Eighteen revolutionary questions that will cause you to see your life in a whole new way


Six interactive conference calls that will make the project’s principles and practices accessible and thrillingly vibrant


The chance to dialogue directly with Raphael about your own specific challenges


The chance to engage with a small, supportive group from all over the world in a safe, structured, healing format

Price: $107

New, Super Low Price Available for Everyone

Available Till Course Fills (which it definitely will)

Click here to join us now!

Or Pay in 2 Installments

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Plus – when you join the program you will receive a very special, limited-time bonus – See the bottom box below.

*Here’s my passionate, personal promise to you: If you participate in the program fully, for two weeks, and don’t find it a fit for your needs, I will refund your entire enrollment fee, no questions asked. This makes joining an absolutely no-risk proposition.

Interested but Still Have Questions?

As a preview of the content in this program, Raphael has created a

FREE 4-Part video series, also entitled…

The Hidden Power of Emotions

These videos will be delivered to your inbox over the course of a week. Or, with a simple email request (see address at bottom of page), you may access them all at once.

The videos cover a wide variety of truly helpful topics, such as:


  • What is an Emotion (hint: most of us don’t actually know!)
  • How to feel your emotions successfully
  • What happens when you don’t? (hint: it’s really bad!)
  • The first key step in rewiring your brain to accept difficult emotions
  • The relationship between emotional mastery and self-vulnerability

Plus, just for watching the series you’ll receive a very special surprise bonus. I promise – it’s worth waiting for.


To View the FREE 4-Part Video Series, CLICK HERE!

Now, about your special bonus:

In 2012 I conducted forty-five interviews with leaders in personal growth
and spirituality called Teaching What We Need to Learn.

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive access to all the interviews,
either for streaming or downloading to your computer or mobile device.

That’s over 50 hours of amazingly transformational content – free.
Plus, we’ll even add a PDF file of all the edited transcripts. So join now!

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