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Thank you for checking out my free video series. I’ve packed it with practical information you can begin using right now.

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This first video, If You Don’t Know How To Feel – You’re Lost, outlines a definition of emotion that is simple, profound, and will guide you toward a rarely-grasped experience of freedom and possibility. Then, I walk you through a series of one minute exercises that turn my words into your own experience.

The next video in the series is called, If You Don’t Know When to Feel – You’re Stuck. To watch it, along with parts three and four, simply sign-up in the box to the right. After that you’ll receive an email per day, over the next three days,with the appropriate links.

And don’t forget, just for making it all the way through you’ll receive a very special bonus, designed to further your expoloration of the hidden power of emotions. I promise you’re going to love it.

Yours in Gratitude, Presence, and Transformation,

Raphael Cushnir